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Vacuum tubes were the technology from the 1920s through the early 1970's until the "solid state" era took over.  Try one of our 1950's style tube projects, and re-live the satisfaction of building a working electronic device using vacuum tubes.


At the left is an open view of the regulated B+ supply getting a checkout as it nears completion.

Come back to the fifties!


The projects featured here are for tekkies of all ages who like the warm glow of vacuum tubes and appreciate the skills it takes to turn out a working piece of tube gear. All projects have been designed, constructed, and debugged prior to offering them on the web site to insure a successful outcome.  


A complete document package is available at a small charge for each project with schematics, layouts, phopts, and the theory of operation in a fifties-style magazine format.


Three of our recent projects are pictured below...   

Ever wonder how a vacuum tube voltmeter works? Build one for your workshop! The Project Manual for the VTVM is now available, and will be at Dayton; see the Products tab. Also, check out the new Collins 30L1 interface and switched 2.5 dB RF pad used with Yaesu radios in the Products tab. No more accessing the menus and resetting the radio power! See you at Dayton in 2014, space 3113-3115 in the swap area.
Test audio
6V6 12 watt audio amplifier
Build this for your test bench!
Regulated 0-300 volt DC power supply
Electronic DC Voltmeter (VTVM)
Interface box, Yaesu FT-450 to Collins 30L1